Cable Company Gets Smarter

save money on cable TVIt was only a matter of time before the cable companies caught onto the trick of people asking for the introduction rate every time their cable rates were jacked up to the regular prices. While calling and threatening to switch companies had worked brilliantly before (1 & 2), this time I was met with the following set reply:

Our company policy is not to give discounts directly after a discounted term has ended.”

After talking a bit, I was able to learn that the new company policy in our area is that there needs to be a 60 day window in between discounted rates so if I called again in February, I would be able to get a discount once again.

What I really would have liked to do is followed through and cancelled the cable all together and then called back up a few days later to see if being a “new” customer again would qualify me for the discounted rate – unfortunately, my mom wasn’t even willing to be without her cable for even a day so that idea was nixed. I’ve heard from others that this does work, but can’t independently confirm it from my own experience.

While we won’t to get the constant discounted rate, this process is still well worth the effort. In February I will call again and hopefully be able to receive a 6 month discounted rate as opposed to a 3 month rate. Even with the 2 month full price policy, we should still be able to save several hundred dollars in 2007 by getting the discount when they will allow us to get it. It will simply mean marking the calendar (already done) so we don’t forget to make the call.

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10 Responses to Cable Company Gets Smarter

  1. Ben Popken says:

    What cable company was this?

  2. Jeremy says:

    I just wrote about this last month as I called to haggle a discount after our rates went back up. I did not have anyone specifically say it was their policy not to grant a discount, but it did take quite a few calls to find someone willing to do it.

    Needless to say we just cut our cable bill in more than half AND have even more channels and faster internet. I think they may have messed up and given us more of a discount though. On our statement it says our cable television cost was only $10.99. Prior to this it was about $70 when it switched to full price. Either way, I’m not complaining!

  3. pfadvice says:

    What cable company was this?


  4. ~Dawn says:

    Head’s up
    If you cancel, you will have to wait 90 days before you are considered a ‘new’ customer or you have to put it in another’s name and social…

  5. Nagel says:

    You knew it had to happen sooner or later. Threatening to leave is the only chance customers have. There needs to be some reeling in of cable companies and their rates.

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  7. Mike Peck says:

    actually comcast is just gonna shoot them self in the foot with this one, since you prepay for your service they don’t extend you credit and therefor cannot report it. In essence they don’t use your social expect for verification purposes when you call or to verify your a new person. So you can just cancel your service then sign up with a new fake name and social so long as you can remember and then get the new discounted rate again. I don’t give them my personal info, i just alter the last number of the soc by 1 to make it easy to remeber and use nicknames to sign up. Plus talking to sales reps that are in person will get you even better rates than the ones over the phone.

    …ps… i have the inside scoop….

  8. Nobody says:

    Time to switch to satellite.

  9. livingplanet says:

    off topic, but here in tucson, we didn’t get cable, only cable internet with cox. a year after, they gave us basic cable for free, because they had to “change their costly filters” with something that provided free basic cable. not complaining either…

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