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How Advertisers Influence You: Diamonds

diamondIf you’re like me, you’ve heard many a time that commercials and advertising influence you, but you don’t think that it applies to you. You feel that you are smart enough to make a conscious decision when you purchase something and even though there is a lot of advertising out there, you can weed through it to make a choice based merely on the merits. If you also feel this way, I highly encourage you to read Have You Ever Tried To Sell A Diamond from Atlantic Monthly where you’ll find out that the diamonds you own aren’t worth anything near what you think they are.

It’s an excellent (7 pages), eye opening read on how the diamond industry has completely manipulated the public with an incredible advertising campaign and goes to show how good advertising can change public perception and even influence those that think they are immune to it. The article was written way back in 1982 and since diamonds are still perceived as a valuable commodity, you can see that their advertising efforts continue to pay off (since diamonds are even more common 25 years later). While the diamond industry has done an outstanding job, they are by no means the only ones who have done so. Something to keep in mind when you think that you aren’t being influenced to buy something you have at the check-out counter…

4 thoughts on “How Advertisers Influence You: Diamonds

  1. I prefer cubic.
    Real Diamonds really do nothing for me. I like the look but the cost and the war over Diamonds mines I could care less for so watching dimaond ads make kind of feel sad.
    I don’t feel it’s a good investment when you can get great looking cubic for a fraction of the cost. Also I’ve seen real diamonds fall out beau use of poorly done setting.

  2. You make an interesting point. I also like to pride myself on not being manipulated by advertising, but I probably am. It’s insidious, and even if we’re not directly influenced by the advertising, we are likely influenced by others who are.

    I’m with ipoertion – I’d much rather buy my wife pretty CZ jewelry and and be able to contribute to retirement. Not only that, but with a couple of active kids, jewelry gets lost pretty frequently!

  3. I have that DeBeers has 10 years worth of Diamond inventory stockpiled. They manipulate the market to create a sense of value. People want to buy something “special”, not a common piece of glass.

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