Fortune: TV Show If You Need Money

Fortune TV ShowDo you need money and think that you have a great story that you can get across in 1 minute? NBC is holding casting calls for a new show called Fortune where people can give their pitch to multi-millionaires to try and convince them to give the money.

I’m curious to see this show. There was a show on while I was in Japan when multi-millionaires listened to pitches for new business ideas which I enjoyed. If the person pitching could get enough of the millionaires to invest in their idea, then the show followed up with the set up and launch of the businesses. This appealed to me because it was interesting to see when the multi-millionaires would be willing to invest and when they wouldn&


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12 Responses to Fortune: TV Show If You Need Money

  1. Traciatim says:

    Leave it to the Americans to copy yet another BBC (and now CBC) show and make it sound like they are coming up with a new idea. The Dragons Den already does this.

  2. Steven L says:

    There was a show that was somewhat similiar called “The Inventor”, but it was people wanting to get investment into their invention.

    I enjoyed it, I think this show would be interesting as well…

  3. Valerie St. John says:

    Ah, you may be right Traciatim, however we share fellow Brits Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller…So, this appears to be where the “Copy” of British TV happens, directly from the source.

  4. Beth says:

    I think the show will be great . I hope Fortune works great for everyone. I believe Americans enjoy helping people and the more we can do for each other and help one another the better.
    I would like to see These people set people financially free from Debts due to tragic events actually.

  5. Robert says:

    I found out about this show on my way to training classes early in the morning today. Once i heard the ad on the radio, i knew i had to do it! I arrived at the Renaissances Center Downtown at 4:30. The try out/ auditions where supposed to be until 6:00. There was a sign at the door saying that they were no longer accepting try out’s. I was almost disappointed. Until i found out i could mail in a video tape of my one minute speech. Even though it sucked to drive 50 miles for nothing. It was worth knowing that the only person that can truly make my business dreams come true. Is myself.

  6. maurikia lyda says:

    hello my name is maurikia lyda
    and i would really like to apply for the show but you need a taping i dont know know one who has a video camara and i have a computer with no printer i am really down in my luck i am a mother of 3 and i could use some help like this to be on a show with help for money what elsa can i do to get a chance to be on the show?

  7. Sweetheart says:

    The show said they would notify the selected participants by the end of January. Has anyone gotten a call back?

  8. Debbie Mataya says:

    We were told that they would contact us in a month via a mass email or telephone call. Has anybody heard from them?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I tried out and I have not received a call, neither have 12 others that I know of first hand. Either we are a dozen losers, or NBC hasn’t started the call back process. Until we all find a better web site to gather at, leave a message here.

  10. Kelly says:

    I think the show will be very popular to watch. I was told calls would start on the 10th of February. Good Luck!

  11. Rita N says:

    I contacted the co-producers at BBC Worldwide [(818) 299-9600] and asked them the status of the casting call and they informed m that the program is not going forward at this time.

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