Cheap Gifts For Men That Don’t Suck

A good friend (who happens to be a woman) came up to me the other day and said, “I hate shopping for men. I never know what to get them.”

I couldn’t believe my ears since men are undoubtedly the easiest people to shop for in the world. If you’re a woman and are looking to get a great gift for a man while not spending a lot of money, there are two simple rules you need to remember:

Rule #1: Unless you know as much about the hobby or his area of interest, don’t bother getting him a gift in that area. While music, sports, gadgets and other things make perfectly acceptable gifts, unless you are on the same level with him, you won’t get the right thing no matter how good your intentions.

Rule #2: If you are like 99% of the women and don’t know as much about his areas of interest as he does, stick to 2 categories when purchasing a gift: food and sex. OK, that might sound a bit crass, but it’s absolutely the truth. If you stay within these two themes you can get practically any gift for a man and he will love it.

The saying that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach holds true for a vast majority of men. The only exception to that may be sex which we will also be covering here, so it doesn’t really matter which one truly is. Here are a few gift suggestions, but these are by no means exhaustive. Anything that falls under these two themes that you can come up with will make a gift that the man will love:

  • Cookies, Cakes & other Sweets: Sure, he may get sick eating it all, but he’ll be in heaven the entire time he’s doing it. While you may think that it’s important that it’s hand made, it doesn’t really make a difference to a man. If it’s good eats, the man will love it.
  • Favorite Food: Whatever is the guy’s favorite food, you can’t go wrong with that. It doesn’t matter if it’s beer and doughnuts, if that is what he likes, his eyes will be gleaming and a huge smile will cross his face when opening the gift.
  • Gift Card To Favorite Food Place: No time to cook? Not a problem. A gift card to his favorite eating establishment (I would say restaurant, but that may limit the favorite places of a lot of men) is all he needs to be ecstatic about the gift.
  • Back Rub: I don’t know a single man that wouldn’t trade in all the gifts that you are thinking about buying him for a good back rub. Throw some food into the equation and he’ll be even happier.
  • Vouchers: You now know what he wants but you don’t feel like giving it to him that instant? Make up some vouchers for both and the anticipation will make the gift even better.
  • Lingerie: Men are so easy to please that you can actually buy a gift for yourself and the man will love it. Go on a lingerie shopping spree and say that those are his gifts (of course, he’ll expect you to wear it and not himself), and you will have the happiest man in town.
  • Yourself (with Ribbon): Yes, if you want to give the perfect gift to a man, all you need to do is buy a ribbon. When it’s time to exchange gifts, go to a back room. undress, wrap the ribbon strategically and give yourself as the gift. I guarantee that the man will love it

As you can see, men are easy to shop for. Even better, you can give them the exact same thing in one of these two categories year after year after year and they will still be ecstatic each time they receive it. Don’t believe me? Try it. I have all the confidence in the world that it will be the best gift they have ever gotten.

Now that I have shown how easy it is to shop for men, here is the question of the day: What are some cheap gifts for women that don’t suck?

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27 Responses to Cheap Gifts For Men That Don’t Suck

  1. GeekZenDaddy says:

    Great list! I know I wouldn’t be upset with ANY of the suggestions 🙂


  2. SCapitalist says:

    I would be happy with all these suggestions!

  3. Jags Mollu says:

    From a woman’s perspective:

    Kisses all over her face.
    A hot bubble bath with her partner.
    Flowers from the back garden.
    Being woken up with a kiss (hmm..)

    Love, love and more love.

  4. Mike says:

    I think these are great gifts for a guy… but just as something cute and special to do for him out of the blue to show you care, not on a holiday. I mean damn, I buy my girl something and she comes at me with a bow around her head and says merry christmas? Not happening.

  5. davis says:

    Mike, your girlfriend must not be as hot as mine 😉 And I think the bow is covering other areas…

  6. Hey Jeff,
    I just listened to this week’s episode of Diggnation and was a bit surprised to hear them mention a story that you submitted to Digg. Nice.

  7. To add to your sex of less than proper attire.

    Seems to be the favorite present my husband ever got, and one he has requested a repeat of…

  8. MarriedMan says:

    You know there are a couple of suggestions you missed:

    Porn – watch it with him
    Booze – give that guy a bottle of scotch or bourbon…

    My first xmas with my now wife gave me a porn, her in lingerie, and a bottle of The Glenlivet. I married that woman the next year and have been happy now for seven years!

  9. Xera says:

    When I started reading this, I thought it would help me shop for my grandpas – not exactly the target for the article. 🙂 But thanks for all the inexpensive gift ideas for my significant other!

  10. Prieta says:

    Couldnt refrain to laugh at the last part

    “Even better, you can give them the exact same thing in one of these two categories year after year after year”

    Cause is so true…
    And yes, women r possibly the best gift to receive !

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  12. niko says:

    gift ideas huh? this list was definately created by a women. ligerie…. is probably the best item on your list, so ill leave that one alone. now the ribbon idea, i think it holds true both ways. this christmas, im going to get jump out from behind the christmas tree with red ribbon wrapped around my schlong! or better yet ill dress it up like a candycane! this idea should not be used to take place on a big celebration,cause otherwise your sex life is probably gone anyway.reserve that one for the first time, cause thats definately the time when its a surprise …. you never know what your gonna get lol. but giving yourself to your partner should be from both ends and regularly, not treated as a favor!!!!!!!

  13. Katie says:

    I have to admit when I read this list, and the subsequent comments, I laughed, raised an eye brow, and tsk tsked. The list was meant to be humorous,…I hope.

    I am a 51 yr old woman, any man worth your time, is going to be touched by any gift you’ve given, sincere, thought to. If he cares for his appearance, he may like clothing. If he’s a car enthusiast, he may enjoy a nice set of seat covers. And if sex is important, give thought to a nice hotel, with a Jacuzzi, or hot tub?? Gifts?…Well, a lovely, flowing,satin gown. For him? Sexy boxers, or whatever he feels comfortable with. Give it real thought!! Make it a night to remember! Bathe one another.( bath oils are lovely) Touching is so sensual and loving. HOT too! kiss and caress…be truly interested in one another. Gifts are things you give because you WANT to. Cute little gifts can give your night of bliss, a little added Zing! If you really believe a night of love-making would be the gift for him, don’t be “cheap”, GIVING of yourself, can be a wonderful gift…just package it right, with class and style.

    Just and older woman’s comment.

  14. Katie says:

    OOPs! I DID mean…AN* older woman’s typos Hey, It’s 3 AM I need to be in

  15. jason says:

    what a pile of crap

  16. Spin says:

    Katie (51 yr old):

    The list is pretty dead on. You’re list is well intentioned, but overly complicated.

    ps: food should be lower than the other items on the list 🙂

  17. Jules says:

    thank you for saving me

  18. lilbutt says:

    id have to agree w most of the women here…the list is for the out of the blue jus cuz i want to gift…not christmas or birthdays…food will always be apprectiated but i cook for my man all the time…no occasion needed…and the ribbon thing…be there done that…like one guy sed sex should b a regular thing not an ok its ur birthday so i guess we can have sex…like katie sed put some thought into it people!

  19. melissa says:

    OMG!!help me!!!i cant find anything 4 my bf !can you help me!!??

  20. dreamwind says:

    Nice list
    But the one gift about the backrub… that’s not a gift. Or lingerie. That is something we already do without any special occasion. And it ‘s kinda sad if you need X-mas to have a nice scented bath together. Food is OK.
    Yoursef with a ribbon sounds sweet, but hey, we already have sex.And what use is a promise of a gift, when time changes everthing? I can write a voucher for a dinner in a restaurant, but that too depends on time and mood. Cool list, nevertheless. I ‘ll go with food and gourmet coffee

  21. Mike says:

    Food really doesn’t get it unless you’ve cooked the dinner yourself. Sex is good, but it isn’t a gift if you’re regular partners anyway.

  22. Charlie says:

    Some fairly cheap gifts would be a new pocketknife, yard tools or having his car or pickup detailed.

  23. Mystique says:

    I think this list is perfect for me maybe not so much for a married couple who do these things regularly but my boyfrind and i are young (20 and 19) do not live together and he rarly lets me cook for him good suggestions for us because he love personal gift that i make

  24. Jason says:

    Actually, I’ve received gift vouchers for sex before and it’s not a big hit. See we’re already getting sex and if we are worth our salt in the sack we just take it when we want it. So it’s a bit annoying and unimaginative. We would NEVER say so but if we haven’t bought the cow then what’s the point?
    Sweets & sugars are only bad for the libido and make us fart even more than usual. Hey now there’s an idea voucher passes for up to 25 ‘no blame’ farts in bed! Now that would be really appreciated. Or if you don’t let him already vouchers for anal would actually be great. Again if your having great, uninhibited, submissive (sometimes – not always) sex then forget the rear vouchers because that has to be sorta consensual.
    If you roll in the dough get him a custom golf club fitting at the Talormade or Titleist exclusive fitting centers – he will freak – even though he probably stinks at golf, it will blow his mind if he does play. But the best sex gift of all is to send your hot girlfriend over for a one time evening. I know this sounds shocking but he will fall in love with you all over again.

  25. Clara says:

    I love the tips on how to save money on gifts for guys. I myself was actually looking for gifts for my man and I had a fantastic time looking at all of these ideas.

  26. I have to chuckle at this article, mainly because it makes so much sense. Buy a man a gift card for Starbucks and he will remember you for life. Buy him underwear for you acknowledging his involvement, well, you get the picture.

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