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Disney Stock Certificate

You don’t see them very often these days (I remember getting them as gifts from my parents when I was young – just to date me), but at one time you actually received a certificate when you purchased stock (shares are now typically held for investors in “street name” at their stock brokerage firm) to prove that you owned it. While I won’t pretend that buying a single share of stock for the certificate through the many sites that offer them is a sound investment (the individual stock certificates are way overpriced), they still may be an excellent gift for a child (or an adult with a particular interest).

The reason giving a stock certificate of their favorite c


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6 Responses to Popular Stock Certificates

  1. fractalbrothers says:

    I love the stock market. Too bad I don’t have any money to put in it. Until I do, virtual stock exchange (vse.marketwatch.com) will have to do (search for game young investors)

  2. Steven L says:

    I got Disney Stock certificates for Christmas one year and I still have that plaque it came with. It was a nice gift and helped teach me to be wise with my money!

  3. jordan says:

    My dad got me a share of Starbucks from http://www.GiveAshare.com because I am a Starbucks addict. Now I feel like I make money every time I buy a fancy drink.

  4. Lamont says:

    I think these are lovely gifts and this the truth about risk. I’d like to know if there are any companies that make and sell the certificates for a company starting out.

  5. Cory Darby says:

    This is a brilliant idea :)!

  6. Rick Roman says:

    Just wanted to provide an update that since this article was written, Disney continues to be the favorite stock gift that people are buying but the stock that soared up the list was Facebook. It soared to first place for a couple of months and has settled to #2.

    We also intend to offer Manchester United stock when they have their IPO (expected August 2012) which should really please soccer fans. It will be the only pure publicly traded sports team listed on the U.S. exchange.

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