Investment Risk Tolerance: What’s Yours?

risk tolerance quizThe old adage that the higher returns you receive when investing, the higher the risk is one that everyone should pay close attention to, but when it comes to investing, how do you know what your risk tolerance is? Here are five quizzes to help you determine your risk tolerance:

How Much Risk Can You Handle?: This is a 20 question quiz “designed to get you thinking about your attitude toward – and capacity for – risk.” From these questions they will determine your score which will reveal how much risk you can afford and how much you can tolerate. In addition their will be suggestions of typical investment portfolios based on your answers.

Investment Risk Tolerance Qui


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6 Responses to Investment Risk Tolerance: What’s Yours?

  1. Ruby says:

    Excellent point regarding risk tolerance. Many times people chase higher return by investing in risky investments, however, they don’t realize their risk tolerance. Even if the risky investment may ultimately yield high returns, it may be extremely volatile and have wide swings in upward/downward direction which may make many investors nervous. So it’s essential to know risk tolerance.

  2. SCapitalist says:

    Risk tolerence is something every investor should understand. Risk has a way of turning into anxiety. If you find yourself checking the stock quotes every 20 minutes, then something could be wrong…

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