$25 Energy Saver Kit Saves Up To $250

energy saver kitI have mentioned previously that there are times when it makes sense to buy certain items to save money. Along these lines. PECO has announced they are selling a $25 (plus $2.87 shipping/handling) energy saving kit that should save you between $125 to $250 a year in energy costs. The kit includes the following:

Earth Massage Showerhead 1.5 GPM: Provides consistent water pressure from a low-flow showerhead. This product saves water and the energy required to heat the water.

Kitchen Swivel Aerator 1.5 GPM: Practical for everyday use and a great water and energy-saver, this product attaches to your current faucet to allow swivel and water flow control.

Bathroom Aerator 1.0 GPM: Made to fit bathr


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