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November 2006 Goals Review

My 2006 goalsBy far the biggest news this month is that Nate gave notice at his work and will be working on the blogs and sites full time starting in January. I can’t even explain how excited I am about this and believe that we can really make the entire network of sites something special in the next couple of years (and have a lot of fun doing it too)

Adsense earnings finally leveled off after 2 months of dropping income and seems to be rising a bit again (knock on wood – the best news here in relation to the adsense is that we were able to level off the amount we receive from it despite taking Adsense off this blog). We thought that the last two months of smaller earnings in that area would hurt us, but we have been able to make up for it in other areas and once again had our best earning month. We see our earnings decreasing or staying flat this next month as December has always been a slow month for us, so we’re preparing for that.

It’s also been a month of doing some thinking about how we got to where we are and what we need to continue to do in order to achieve more goals. Nate and I will sit down this month and come up with our goals for 2007 which should be fun and put another challenge in front of us.

A look at the ten goals I have for the end of the year.

Get up all the domain names that we have purchased and either get a holding page on them or put them up for sale.

It doesn’t look like we are going to meet this goal. With Nate getting ready to leave and all the extra work, it looks doubtful that we will have time this month to get this set up. It is, however, on the top of our list to get done in the next year including going through all the domains we have (107 at the moment) to decide which we will keep and try to develop, which we will try to sell and which we will simply let expire.

Do at least once a week video blogging – preferably more (also learn more and improve it over where I currently am)

This is another place that I have failed to make my goal on getting on a weekly video blog entry on this site. I still see this being an important long term area for the entire site network and we did set up personal finance video log with this in mind.

Find 2 more income streams over what we are currently receiving.

Although we have tried a couple of new streams of income and they are earning a bit of extra money, they are minimal at best as they are currently set up. I’m not sure if we will have time to try something new this month, but we will certainly be looking at other opportunities come 2007.

Put together an ebook

This project is about half complete which isn’t quite as far as I would like to be along with it, but isn’t a bad place to be either. I’m not sure it will be ready to distribute by the end of December, but it should be in pretty decent shape by then.

Find a new, creative way to promote the sites

We continue to work hard in this area and although we haven’t seen a lot of return on this effort at this point, we feel confident that it will pay off in the long run. Promoting the sites without spending money takes a lot of time and effort. Now that we have begun to earn a little more, we need to place to the side a bit of money to begin advertising. The big question is what would be the best way to use the money to get a return that we felt was worthwhile?

Work on getting some mainstream media mentions

I did work on this a bit during the month and am hoping to put it into overdrive in December.

Get at least another 10 satellite sites up and running

It now appears that we will come in under the 10 I wanted to get up, but I haven’t been overly disappointed here. In fact, we may have too many sites and it may be in our best interest to sell off some of them that aren’t earning much so we can spend more time on those that have more potential. We aren’t in any desperate situation because every site that is up is at least paying for itself, but if we can focus the group a bit more I think we have the potential to earn more in the long run that way.

Do a money experiment each month

While one of the reasons that we took adsense off this blog was personal, we also wanted to experiment to see how it affected the blog as a whole. We haven’t seen a whole lot of change either positively or negatively, but will continue this experiment for at least the foreseeable future.

Find at least one more satellite site manager

As mentioned last month, we made the decision to suspend this. One of our decisions for 2007 will be whether to continue the program or discontinue it.

Keep income constant so that Nate can join full time in 2007

It’s a done deal.

I give this month a “good” rating. While it may not appear so from the list above, we have had a productive month overall. As always, there is a lot more that I could have done (it will always be the case). It should be a fun December as we review how we have done overall for the past year and put into place the new goals for 2007.

5 thoughts on “November 2006 Goals Review

  1. That’s great to hear. I also only have 2 more weeks of work! I am spending quite a bit of time now getting ready to move and creating my “mobile office”. All of your goals are not much different from mine.

  2. Wow 107 domains you bunch of Hoggers!! Great work guys you deserve every success as you continually inspire many people including myself with your wise words.

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