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Cool Calculator – Hybrid vs Standard Car Lifetime Cost Calculator

I stumbled across this extremely well built Hybrid vs Standard car calculator that allows you to compare the lifetime cost of a hybrid vehicle to a conventional vehicle you may want to buy. With so much information out there saying … Continue reading

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10 NASDAQ Stock Exchange Commercials

It’s seems to be a video weekend. I came across this series of ten NASDAQ 100 commercials that I thought some people woud find interesting. There are a good range of leaders of companies promoting the NASDAQ stock exchange: NASDAQ … Continue reading

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Junk Art – Money Photo Day 17

I was in the city and came across these huge pieces of art down by the bay. What made them so unusual was that they were made entirely from junk. Basically, they had been constructed from old nuts, bolts, scrap … Continue reading

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Should I Cash These Old Checks?

I absolutely hate when I do things like this. I had a clean up day and ended up coming across a lot of interesting stuff I had stored for years. While that was fun to see, I also came across … Continue reading

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Baseball Cards – Money Photo Day 16

I was rummaging around the garage today and found a few boxes of old baseball cards. These are left over from high school and college days. Baseball cards were probably my first introduction into entrepreneurship and helped me leave college … Continue reading

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Spend To Save – 10 Things To Buy That Will Save You Money

When it comes to saving money, most people immediately think that they must reduce their spending in order to save. While this is one way to save money, it isn’t an exclusive way to save. Many people have the impression … Continue reading

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Free TV – Money Photo Day 15

I was walking to the post office today to pick up a registered letter that came while I was away up north and as I was walking down the street, there was a TV sitting on the side of the … Continue reading

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Brilliant Advertising –

I saw a brilliant marketing move as I walked through the San Jose airport today on my way back from Seattle. In the middle of the San Jose airport is a bar/cafe. This is nothing unusual except for the name … Continue reading

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