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Black Friday Freebies & How To Get Them

I explained earlier tricks to get Black Friday items without having to get up early and stand in line. If you decide to do any Black Friday shopping, here are the things that you can get for free. All the … Continue reading

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Reduce Costs Of A Divorce Lawyer

Did you ever hear the expression, “the lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client?” Divorce is one of those events when you really should hire a lawyer rather than try to do-it-yourself. You can’t possibly be objective … Continue reading

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Energy Efficient Light Bulbs – Money Photo Day 26

My mom had a light burn out in the bathroom and she asked me to replace it if I had time today. When I went to do so, I found that the light took four 100w light bulbs which I … Continue reading

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Black Friday: Tricks To Outsmart The Competition

This isn’t going to be a typical Black Friday article because Mark (who has asked me to change his real name so that nobody will know who I’m talking about, but which I find absolutely hilarious because any friend will … Continue reading

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Hot Tea – Money Photo Day 25

I can tell it’s getting colder because I have switched to hot tea as my beverage of choice (well, at least while working on the computer) instead of water. While there is some cost involved with the tea, it’s nothing … Continue reading

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Free $75 For Google Survey

I just completed a remote survey from Google for a $75 American Express gift card. While I can’t discuss what it was about (you must sign a non disclosure agreement), I thought others might be interested in participating in these … Continue reading

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Crayola Crayons – Money Photo Day 24

It’s time to start thinking about Christmas gifts and one of my old stand-bys is a 64 set of Crayola Crayons. I think they are the greatest gift to give because no matter how old someone is, they will bring … Continue reading

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Britney Spears Files Divorce To Save Money

While this is usually not the place where you would come for information on stars the likes of Britney Spears (but hey, it’s not often a personal finance blogger like me finds an excuse to legitimately place a photo of … Continue reading

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Cell Phones – Money Photo Day 23

I stopped by a friend’s house while he happened to be cleaning out the drawers of his desk. From the depths of the clutter inside, he produced three cell phones that he no longer needed and so he decided to … Continue reading

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What It Takes to Make Money on the Internet

Over the past week, this subject has come up in a number of different ways with several bloggers asking me to help them, but the central theme has been “Is it really possible to make money on the Internet?” and … Continue reading

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Library Book – Money Photo Day 22

Working long days on personal finance I sometimes need a break from anything financial. I walked down to the local library today and picked up some non financial reading. Now the question is whether I’ll actually find the time to … Continue reading

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College Costs? How About $36,600 For Preschool

I was running some number for my niece who is 16 months old and what her college is going to cost when I came across the LAUMC Children’s Center in the area where I live. These parents must be the … Continue reading

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BART – Money Photo Day 21

One of the things that I miss most about Japan is their efficient public transportation system. There is absolutely no need to own a car in Japan. The same can’t be said in the US. When I do go to … Continue reading

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October 2006 Goals Review

Some people apparently do follow this blog 😉 Jon sent me a reminder that I hadn’t done the monthly review for the sites and it was a well timed nudge to get me off my butt and look at the … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Cash Your Google Adsense Check

I mentioned a bit ago about having some checks that I had forgotten to cash and just received this information from Google: We’d like to let you know that an AdSense check issued to you almost one year ago will … Continue reading

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Personal Taxi – Money Photo Day 20

I was a personal taxi today for my dad and his wife who were flying off to New York. Instead of paying $100 to get driven to the airport, I was asked to do the honors and in return, I … Continue reading

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10 Creative Ways To Help Charities For No Money

There seems to be an assumption that the only way that people can help a charitable cause is by donating money. While these organizations are almost always in need of extra cash, there are still ways that you can help … Continue reading

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Fire Place – Money Photo Day 19

I can tell that fall is here and winter is just around the corner. The leaves outside are yellows, oranges and reds while the days are getting colder. Last night my dad decided to have a fire in the fire … Continue reading

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Gas Prices – Money Photo Day 18

Stopped to fill up the car today. Most days my dad won’t go out of his way to purchase gas at Costco versus the local gas station because it is only a few cents less and the distance negates any … Continue reading

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Christmas Light Installer – Extra Holiday Money

If you’re looking to make some extra money this holiday season, consider being a Christmas Light Installer. I did this a couple of seasons as a high school student and have a friend that still does it as an extra … Continue reading

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