Personal Finance Video Log

Not that I need another project, but I have started up a personal finance vlog which will add to our ever growing list of satellite websites. I have been finding quite a bit of informative and entertaining videos that I feel would make a fun vlog for people interested in personal finances (and even those without) to follow.

While this will be filled with videos from others for the time being, the ultimate goal will be to do my own vlog posts on a regular basis presenting a mixture of the two in the future. From my own teaching experiences, I know that people absorb information in many different ways. I hope that by presenting personal finance through videos that those who do not enjoy readi


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2 Responses to Personal Finance Video Log

  1. Mike says:

    That looks pretty cool. Video is definitely going to big in the coming years.

  2. SCapitalist says:

    Video is the next big thing. I will be watching to see how this progresses.

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