10 Easy & Pain Free Ways To Save $100

10 ways to save $100Everyone wants to save money, but not if saving that money means they must give up something they like. The fact is, there is likely over $1000 worth of pain free savings right under your nose waiting to be taken if you want. That is savings where you are able to save money without having to give up any of the activities that you enjoy doing or changing your lifestyle in any significant way. Here is a list of ten that will save you over $100 each this year.

Call Your Cable Company: If you have cable TV, satellite TV or some other form of paid TV and you are paying the regular subscription rate, you’re paying too much. This is an extremely competitive business and by calling with a comp


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4 Responses to 10 Easy & Pain Free Ways To Save $100

  1. Ursel Mayo says:

    These are very good tips. The energy audit and getting prescription Drug coupons from company sites is something I have not tried but plan to do so immediately. Add to this list clipping coupons. I save over $40 dollars every two weeks that’s $1,040.00/year just clipping coupons; add that to the in-store advertised savings, I average about $3200/year just off my grocery bill. Just clipping coupons I almost wipe out inflation on my gross domestic proudct purchases and get a tax free boost to my income.

  2. vsjhoc says:

    I just did it today — called the ISP and quoted a competing offer. They immediately rolled over and cut my rate by $10/month. Woo hoo!

  3. Nanamom says:

    I love reading articles that will save us money unfortunately I find lately that I am doing all that stuff. I want to save more money!!!!

  4. Terry says:

    I do not have cable, gym membership, credit cards, car, metered energy, clothes washer, name brand prescription drugs, or mortgage.

    I pay $9.95 per month for ISP service and have bare bones local phone service plus a 3-cent per minute LD phone card.

    Not much opportunity for me to save money there.

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