Money Soap – Bribe Your Kids To Wash

Money SoapIf you find that you’re having trouble getting your kids to wash their hands (a good habit to get them into doing), this little novelty item may be something to place on your Xmas list this year – Money Soap. The soap is actually made with money inserted into the center of the soap bar, so the harder and the more often the kids wash their hands, the quicker they can get to the prize. I don’t think you’ll have to provide more motivation than that for them to wash their hands. There is even a chance that you can make money with this gift (although highly unlikely). The company claims that a $1, $5, $10 or even $50 bill can be found inside the bar of soap.


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3 Responses to Money Soap – Bribe Your Kids To Wash

  1. fractalbrothers says:

    sounds like they could become OCD like howard hughes with this soap =)

  2. Dimes says:

    Meh, if someone had given it to me as a kid, I’d just toss the soap into a full sink for a day or two then get the money. Or go at it with a paring knife.

  3. Britney says:


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