Reduce Costs Of A Divorce Lawyer

Money thrown out like trashDid you ever hear the expression, “the lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client?” Divorce is one of those events when you really should hire a lawyer rather than try to do-it-yourself. You can’t possibly be objective in what is probably the most emotional legal battle you will ever face. However, if you believe you can file a “no-fault” divorce and you meet your state residential requirements, you may want to consider some of the comparatively inexpensive documents that are available on-line.

Most divorce attorneys charge you based on the amount of time they spend on your case. Breaking up a marriage stirs up many feelings of anger and sadness, so


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4 Responses to Reduce Costs Of A Divorce Lawyer

  1. Ruby says:

    Good post! Agree that a lot of the work can be done by divorcing parties themselves. Had a friend who was going through divorce and that’s what they did. Even though they both hired attorneys, they maintained decent relationship with each other and were able to draft separation agreement which was later accepted by both their attorneys.

  2. contrary1 says:

    All good points. Unfortunately, I know that from personal experience.
    I also was upfront re; my budget & got a workable contract to pay the attorney fees. Told him to hold the line re; spending & that I wanted to use the para legal for everything possible (much cheaper). Money well spent in the long run…..whatever I spent was WAY cheaper than staying married!

  3. Dustin Jones says:

    Great post! I’m sure this information will help many people. A divorce can be costly, I know first hand.

  4. John says:

    This is a great listing. I have to second your advice: BE ULTRA
    ORGANIZED. Look at it this way: If you’re super organized, every MINUTE you save your lawyer from figuring something out, looking something up, or picking up the phone, you save six bucks. When you’re about to call your lawyer, prepare the agenda of your conversation like it was a long-distance call in 1975. Cover your objectives, ask if there’s anything else you can do for your lawyer, and hang up.Do a rough draft of your agreement with your spouse if you can keep it together long enough to do so. Bickering with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse is free. Doing it in front of two lawyers costs $12/minute.Use the internet to get educated on your rights (and on those of your spouse). You might just spend less time arguing if you both know the score. Great post!

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