Energy Efficient Light Bulbs – Money Photo Day 26

energy saving light bulb

energy efficient light bulb

My mom had a light burn out in the bathroom and she asked me to replace it if I had time today. When I went to do so, I found that the light took four 100w light bulbs which I thought was a bit of an overkill for the bathroom that isn’t that big. Instead of replacing the light bulb, I simply took it out as well as one of the lights that was still working and placed the cover back on. I asked my mom int the bathroom and asked if it was OK and she didn’t even know the difference.

A bit later I found some energy efficient bulbs stored in a drawer and went back and switched the 100w regular bulbs with higher efficient bulbs. So we went from 4 traditional light bulbs to 2 energy efficient light bulbs in all three bathrooms in the house today meaning the elimination of 6 bulbs and switching 6 others to the high efficient models. My little step to save the earth today 🙂

*This is a series of photos that shows money as part of our daily life. You can see more from this series here

3 thoughts on “Energy Efficient Light Bulbs – Money Photo Day 26

  1. Have you found a way to use energy effecient light bulbs in the kind that is ‘coated’ on the back so the light all goes down, but hte heat can escape up top? we have one like that in the kitchen and I have just resorted to not using it but it is over the sink and I wash dishes after the kids are in bed at night, I would prefer to use it.

  2. LED lighting may have a high initial cost, but the energy saving benefits and the fact, they last for hours.

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