Black Friday: Tricks To Outsmart The Competition

This isn’t going to be a typical Black Friday article because Mark (who has asked me to change his real name so that nobody will know who I’m talking about, but which I find absolutely hilarious because any friend will instantly know who I am talking about even with the changed name) is not a normal Black Friday shopper. He lives for this day and prides himself (brags endlessly?) on coming home with all the best deals from the Black Friday fliers while the competition is left crying because they didn’t get the things that they wanted. These are his strategies…

But before we get into those, I need to inject a disclaimer on my part. While I do admire Mark for his determ


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24 Responses to Black Friday: Tricks To Outsmart The Competition

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  3. Steve Torso says:

    It is amazing how people still religiously follow the marketing of companies, and rarely look beyond it.

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  5. fractalbrothers says:

    I love black friday. I got a nice DLP projector for $400 last time around, and im sure i’ll pick something up this time.. but we camp out at best buy, its part of the fun.

  6. john says:

    Does anyone have a list of stores that have specific return policies in place for black friday ads?

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  8. BFjunkie says:

    With this years BF items are worst in the past few years known to bargain hunters, there is no need to line up in front of the stores or utilize any of these slimey ways to get hold of something.

  9. Free TV Online says:

    great tips but now everyone will start doing this I guess.

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  11. Kman says:

    The return policy is absolute genius! I have never thought about that. I know Best Buy does this and they have some great deals coming up on friday. Keep up the good work!

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  15. johnny utah says:

    i just talked to my boy that works at best buy and the return glitch hasnt worked there for about 3 years. and he is 90% sure the internet strategy does not work as well. only way is for those peasants to camp out on weds and skip thanksgiving. NO THANKS, ill eat a big meal and enjoy my day.

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  20. Susan says:

    This article is awesome!

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  24. Anna says:

    I agree with BFjunkie..this years ads are th worst in years. I plan on buying very little…….maybe some $3.99 movies……maybe not.

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