Free $75 For Google Survey

$75 Google SurveyI just completed a remote survey from Google for a $75 American Express gift card. While I can’t discuss what it was about (you must sign a non disclosure agreement), I thought others might be interested in participating in these surveys. Mine took about an hour.

You sign up and if they need you for a survey, they will contact you by email with times. You reply back with what times you can do it, they will confirm the time and date and attach a non disclosure form to send back. Pretty basic stuff and the survey is a pretty painless hour.

You can sign-up for the Google Usability Studies and see their FAQs to see exactly what you’re signing up for and if it might be of interest to


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2 Responses to Free $75 For Google Survey

  1. Golbguru says:

    Thanks, I might give this a try.

  2. fractalbrothers says:

    thanks! I just signed up.

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