Crayola Crayons – Money Photo Day 24

crayola crayons

It’s time to start thinking about Christmas gifts and one of my old stand-bys is a 64 set of Crayola Crayons. I think they are the greatest gift to give because no matter how old someone is, they will bring a smile to the person’s face. Of course, kids love them, but I also give them to adults (mind you, the adult has to have a certain personality to appreciate them and not think you’re absolutely nuts, but those who do will treasure them years later as one of their favorite Christmas gifts. There is just something about a box of them that brings a smile to your face.

Even my niece who is just over a year loved them. She came for a visit and found them right away on the shelf and dug right into them. I think that they inspire imagination and that is what brings the joy no matter the age. It’s that inspiration that I look for when I choose my gifts and often it is found in gifts that cost very little…

*This is a series of photos that shows money as part of our daily life. You can see more from this series here

2 thoughts on “Crayola Crayons – Money Photo Day 24

  1. yes, crayons are good. However – if your intent is to give someone something to create with, prismacolor pencils are the crayons for big kids. (although they are significantly more expensive)

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