Cell Phones – Money Photo Day 23

cell phones are worth money

I stopped by a friend’s house while he happened to be cleaning out the drawers of his desk. From the depths of the clutter inside, he produced three cell phones that he no longer needed and so he decided to throw them out. I told him that while he needed to be careful to erase all the data on the phones (he replied that there was nothing on any of them that would be of interest to those snooping for information), he could sell the phones for a bit of money at places like cell4cash.com

A search on the site found that the Motorola phone was too old of a model to receive any money, but the two Nokia’s were worth $5 each. They are being sent off as soon as the envelope arrives. The Motorola phone will still avoid the dump – I well take it with me and it will be donated to a cell phone collection box I saw at the local library.

*This is a series of photos that shows money as part of our daily life. You can see more from this series here

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  1. Jeff says:

    if you unlock them, they are worth more than $5 on ebay.

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