What It Takes to Make Money on the Internet

Over the past week, this subject has come up in a number of different ways with several bloggers asking me to help them, but the central theme has been “Is it really possible to make money on the Internet?” and “How can I make money on the Internet?” I’m a perfect example that it can be done because if I can do it, anyone can.

The reason I know this is because I possess no special skills and I’m no more talented than the next person. I’m not especially computer literate and although I know a lot about the subject matter I write about, it has for the most part all been self taught. So why is it that I have been able to make blogging and websites a fu


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15 Responses to What It Takes to Make Money on the Internet

  1. Flexo says:

    Great list! I agree with everything you’ve written. Even though blogging is not a full time endeavor for me, I can see exactly where you’re coming from. I’d even add something to your “help” section. *Giving* help as well as receiving help is an important part of building identity as well. With your savingadvice forums, you’ve helped a lot of people by building a community, and you’ve given to support to other bloggers as well. This form of giving comes back and ends up helping build your identity in the long run.

  2. Trent says:

    I agree, great list. The most important one, though, is time. Most people that think that they’re going to make great money writing blogs start off with fifteen great posts, then realize that only a handful of people are visiting, then quickly get disappointed. If that’s your plan, you’re going to fail, no matter what. Write consistently for a year or two, then you can judge whether you’re a success or not. I had a blog that took a long time to be successful, but then I abandoned it because of personal philosophy changes, and I just recently started over. It almost hurts to look at the statistics because the numbers are so small, but this isn’t about thousands of visitors in the first week. If it was, I would have already quit.

  3. Ruby says:

    I agree that making money has a lot to do with the attitude. Thanks for listing out the things you need to succeed. Good posts!

  4. Awesome list, I have just been thinking about this the past month as I find so many other things todo besides put stuff online…I am really too lazy :)..or maybe I spend too much time with the kids…I gotta go make a shriny dink now….

  5. Harrison says:

    Really a great list there. Thanks for sharing your tips. Personally, I agree that Self-motivation is the most important one. If you not motivated enough, you will easily give up and claimed that People cannot make money from internet. I start my blog 1 year ago and only after 10 months of hard works then only I can make money from internet. If I’m not motivated, I think I would give up in my 4th month of blogging and don’t make any money from internet. (special thanks to those people in forum who give encouragememt to me)

  6. cehwiedel says:

    Well-written, and uncommon because the list isn’t get-rich-quick-on-Web-2.0. In fact, the list sounds a lot like personality traits needed generally by entrepreneurs of any stripe.

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  8. I agree with your list completely, but I would add Have an Open Mind and Pride. An open mind will allow you to venture into fields you have little knowledge of or experience with and pride will allow you to feel good about making a difference. You have definitely made a difference in my financial life. Thank you.

  9. rani says:

    Thank you so much for this article. I’ve been out of internet circulation for 12 years and had no idea what a ‘blog’ was until 20 min. ago! I’m not looking to make money blogging, however; someone is investing in me to start selling on ebay. I know, I saw the info-mercials and cringed, but hey! No harm in tryin’, n’est ce pas?

  10. Pete Aldin says:

    Love the non-spin truthful approach here. A very encouraging list.

  11. bluntmoney says:

    I love the first one on the list most (stubborness) because it gives me hope. If there’s anything that describes me, it’s stubborn 😉

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  13. Haris says:

    Nice one man!! This is the way, you truly are experienced!! Keep it up man!!

  14. I think that most of us are clued into the basics of having good content and so on. Persistence, persistence, persistence seems to be required. I got disillusioned because my Adsense earnings seemed to be growing so slowly so I pulled them completely out. (Cuttings my slim earnings down to zero) Later I realized that, for the volume of traffic I had and the wretchedly poor writing I was doing at the time, I was actually making money hand over fist.

    My stuff really -was- junk. I still haven’t hit the Adsense lotto, but I’m getting a few thousand unique readers each month and the total is growing, so things are looking up.

    Now, it is better … and I am putting some thought into the ads I show. Yeah, adsense is back in there — but so are some 100% on-topic and hand-selected ads.

  15. Great article. Oldie but goodie and it still applies today. I am in the process of going through your list. And yep, it takes a long time but things are getting better. Thanks

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