College Costs? How About $36,600 For Preschool

preschool booksI was running some number for my niece who is 16 months old and what her college is going to cost when I came across the LAUMC Children’s Center in the area where I live. These parents must be the super obsessed types that you read about in the newspapers (or those in Japan) because they are paying $2,700 a year for a 2 year old’s education (talk about starting them young) and $6,500 for a 5 year old’s education. For the entire preschool (remember, the child hasn’t even hit kindergarten yet) you’re looking at tuition costs of $16,800 (better start saving the second the kid is conceived)

Of course, I did a bit more research and found that those numbers weren’t anything. The Third Street Music School in New York charges $9,150 for 5 morning classes a week for a total of $36,600 for those 3 – 6 years old. I don’t think my college education cost that much and there are certainly a lot of colleges where you could get a degree for less than that.

I’m thinking that maybe I should get into the prestigious preschool business…

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  1. Max says:

    In the end, you get what you pay for. One good thing about being raised in Eastern Europe is the education you get early on. I was enrolled into a “music school”, an after-regular-school institution where I learned music theory, accompaniment, harmony, history, etc. I got out in seventh grade with a “degree” in musical theory. US and European analogues cost, as you mentioned, in the thousands, while my parents felt comfortable paying the $10 a month, even out of their $120/month paychecks.

  2. fractalbrothers says:

    holy.. yeah, I need to teach an ivy league preschool too.

  3. hmm, I paid nothing for DS to learn to read, and having a 4 year old reading at a 2nd grade level isn’t even offered by any school I have read about, I guess I got what I paid for, paid nothing, got no paper to prove it, yet the kid can read……wonder which is more important, the paper saying he is a smart kid, or a kid who loves to read and learn……

  4. donna jean says:

    These numbers isn’t all that impressive to me. Not when you consider starting off with infant child care, you’re already shelling out $10,400-12,500 a year for child care — where I lived, $220/week was the price of quality care. If that is your starting point, then maybe it isn’t that much of a stretch to rationalize contining those payments throughout school if you feel that it is worth it.

    In retrospect, I realise that I spent $6,000 a year on child care in the preschool years. And that was the price of child care at $117/week. Would I spend $36,000 on preschool – no, but I did feel that I got more than I paid for at her child development center.

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