October 2006 Goals Review

My 2006 goalsSome people apparently do follow this blog 😉 Jon sent me a reminder that I hadn’t done the monthly review for the sites and it was a well timed nudge to get me off my butt and look at the numbers (thanks Jon)

It was another month like September with both good and bad news. The bad news was that our adsense revenue fell again a bit (although not as much as the previous month) which is never good. Part was due to taking adsense off this blog, but that still is not a good excuse. Both Nate and I have talked about it and don’t think we need to make any major changes and should continue along the lines that we have always been doing. There are probably some optimization steps we can take, but we will leave that until next year.

The good news is that we had our best month in terms of overall earnings which has firmed up our decision to have Nate come on full time beginning next year. I’m really getting excited about this because I think that with the two of us working full time on the sites full time, we will be able to do some amazing things. Even better, we’ll have a great time doing it.

A look at the ten goals I have for the end of the year.

Get up all the domain names that we have purchased and either get a holding page on them or put them up for sale.

We’ve started to move on this. We also went through and have decided to purge about 15 domains we purchased that we had ideas for, but on a closer look don’t look like they will be worth the time or effort. Even after the trimming of domains, we currently have 90 in our portfolio.

Do at least once a week video blogging – preferably more (also learn more and improve it over where I currently am)

Boy, have I flaked in this area. It’s not for lack of want. I have some ideas that I do truly want to do, but know that I need to block out a significant chunk of time when doing the videos since I’m still learning there and I haven’t been making the time to do it. Nate and I did come up with a funny idea the other night that we will be trying. Keep your fingers crossed that it will work…

Find 2 more income streams over what we are currently receiving.

We have set up two new streams although both don’t look too promising at this point. Last month it was the credit card section and although we’ve only had a few conversions, they pay out pretty well. We have some thoughts on how to publicize this area a bit more without pushing it which we will begin doing soon.

We brought in some cpm advertising this month on the main site which we didn’t have before. It’s still a toss-up as to whether this will be a viable way to earn extra money, but we will let it run until the end of this month and decide after seeing the numbers then.

Put together an ebook

I have continued to work on this and it continues to progress. The question now is whether to make it an ebook or try and get it published as a regular book. Still working on which will be the best way to go.

Find a new, creative way to promote the sites

T-shirts arrived and looked good (Guess what all the friends and relatives are getting as gifts this year 😉 ). Nate also created a flyer for the main site for people to hang (this was a request by some of the members of the site. Not sure how much this will help, but we’ll take any help we can get. We have also come up with a rather outrageous promotion idea that we’re split on whether it will work. Nate doesn’t think it can while I have confidence (ever the optimist). I am putting the foundation of this together, but it is a long term project and won’t produce ant fruit until next year if it does work.

Work on getting some mainstream media mentions

I get a failing mark in this area. Something that I need to get on the ball with…

Get at least another 10 satellite sites up and running

I did get 2 new satellite sites up: Dryer Tips and Washer Tips. I also have another one half done that should be completed this week.

Do a money experiment each month

I started the Money Photo series which I think I will continue as long as I can still see new money related issues in my daily wanderings. It’s been fun and gives a perspective that is quite different from what regular personal finance writers do in my opinion.

Find at least one more satellite site manager

We have put this on hold for a number of reasons. There are a number of issues that we need to address with the current bunch and work on a system to better implement them.

Keep income constant so that Nate can join full time in 2007

It’s going to happen 🙂

I give this month a “fair” rating. There is definitely more that I could have done and I need to work a bit harder this month. Once again, it’s time to place the head down and plow ahead to meet as many of these goals as possible before December 31.

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3 Responses to October 2006 Goals Review

  1. Steve says:

    Jon is not alone. I like the monthly updates, too. Very inspiring and you guys are doing great.

  2. twins15 says:

    I’m Jon, so no problem on the reminder. 🙂

    Glad to see you’ll both be working full time on things!

  3. SteveL says:

    Good work Jeff and Nate.

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