10 NASDAQ Stock Exchange Commercials

It’s seems to be a video weekend. I came across this series of ten NASDAQ 100 commercials that I thought some people woud find interesting. There are a good range of leaders of companies promoting the NASDAQ stock exchange:

NASDAQ – Visionaries: Intel (Craig Barrett), Cisco (John Chambers) and Staples (Tom Stemberg)

NASDAQ – Visionaries: Microsoft (Steve Ballmer), Dell (Michael Dell) and Starbucks (Howard Schultz)

NASDAQ – Leadership: IAC InterActive Corp (Barry Diller), VeriSign (Stratton Sclavos) and Bed, Bath & Beyond (Leonard Feinstein, Warren Eisenberg)

NASDAQ – Leadership: IAC InterActive Corp (Barry Diller), Amgen (Kevin Sharer) and Nissan (Carlos Ghosn)

NASDAQ – Possibilities: Sun Microsystems (Scott McNeely), Jet Blue (David neeleman) and WWP (Sir Martin Sorrell)

NASDAQ – Possibilities: Amazon.com (Jeff Bezo) and Maxim (Jack Gifford)

NASDAQ – Possibilities: Electronic Arts (Larry Probst), PesMart (Philip Francis) and Monster.com (Andrew J. Mckelvey)

NASDAQ – Innovation: Amazon.com (Jeff Bezos), Flextronics (Michael Marks) and Linear (Robert Swanson)

NASDAQ – Inspiration: Starbucks (Howard Schultz), Costco (Jim Sinegal) and Staples (Tom Stemburg)

NASDAQ – Opportunity: Qualcomm (Irwin Jacobs), Network Appliance (Dan Warmeahoven) and Sanmina (Jure Sola)

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