Free TV – Money Photo Day 15

Free TV

Free TV

I was walking to the post office today to pick up a registered letter that came while I was away up north and as I was walking down the street, there was a TV sitting on the side of the road with a piece of paper attached to it saying “FREE” So I went to the door and saw that they were installing a new big screen TV. I asked if there were any problems with the TV to which he answered “Absolutely nothing. We just bought the new big screen TV and don’t need it anymore.” I took it home, placed it in a spare room where we had been talking about getting a small TV for and it works perfectly.

I have mixed feeling about getting it. I’m not a big TV fan so don’t really think we need another TV in the house, but we probably would have gotten one at some point because my wife wanted it. In that sense, it is nicer than what we would have gotten and it didn’t cost a penny.

*This is a series of photos that shows money as part of our daily life. You can see more from this series here

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2 Responses to Free TV – Money Photo Day 15

  1. fractalbrothers says:

    hah, where I live, you wouldn’t need to put “FREE” on it, about 1 minute after you set it out it would be gone.

  2. Cindy says:

    This is so cool to me, the fact that there is so much “stuff” out there you can have for free or next to free. I have extra appliances, small and large, in my oversized garage I can use when my current ones quit. I do know what you mean about having mixed feelings regarding another TV, I feel the same, what true “need” is there for more than one? But sure, I’d take another small one for another room. I haven’t had cable TV for years and don’t miss it. I guess I want my TV to be like portable radios are to me, unplug the darn things and let them be small enough to carry around. Most of my kinfolk own big TVs and think I’m hopelessly backward. My PC is far more interesting to me than any TV.

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