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Brilliant Advertising – Expedia.com

I saw a brilliant marketing move as I walked through the San Jose airport today on my way back from Seattle. In the middle of the San Jose airport is a bar/cafe. This is nothing unusual except for the name of the cafe which is “The Expedia.com Cafe”

Brilliant marketing by expedia.com

The brilliance of it is that they get prime advertising space in a busy airport at no cost (assuming that the cafe breaks even). Even if the cafe does lose some money (which I doubt – it was quite full when I went by), the advertising that the company gets I’m sure far outweighs any losses that occur.

They are hitting their target customers (people traveling) and while the shop isn’t selling their product (as far as I could see – I passed by on my way to baggage claim), they did have advertising for their website on the tables inside. They are also building brand recognition much better than any of the companies using billboard advertising in the airport (what stands out more, a 3-D neon sign or a billboard?)

Quality advertising in a high traffic area toward their target audience and at absolutely no cost. Brilliant.

I predict that we will be seeing this a lot in the future. Just as companies have bought the naming rights to stadiums for advertising purposes, I’m sure that we will see more and more companies purchasing shops in high traffic areas where advertising space is limited.

7 thoughts on “Brilliant Advertising – Expedia.com

  1. I noticed that the last time I was in San Jose, too – smart stuff.

    But I’m not quite sure how you can say it’s “at absolutely no cost.” Obviously, they had to pay for something, whether it was the naming rights or the cafe itself.

  2. I say it’s no cost because I assume the cafe is at a minimum breaking even. They own the cafe – and probably even make a bit of money at it.

  3. Well, EXPEDIA is cheating “unaware” customers. They have to be creative to catch them. EXPEDIA ruined my trips and tried to keep (steal is the right word) the money for services that they failed to provide. Just search for “EXPEDIA complaints” in Google or Yahoo and you will read horrible stories from people that used EXPEDIA.

  4. well, expedia is crap, orbitz is crap (maddox anyone?) so I guess we’re left with travelocity. (hotels.com sucks too)

  5. yeah, hotels.com is owned by EXPEDIA. You can expect the same bad service.
    I think if we need the old classic travel agent you cna talk if something goes wrong.

  6. Smart move. That is a great bit of getting your name out in a different fashion than common advertising.

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