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Paint On Energy Savings

Looking to spruce up your house with a little paint? Why not insulate the walls at the same time with the same brush stroke. I happened to be looking for paint and insulation for a home improvement project when I … Continue reading

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So You Want to Be Rich? Here’s The Secret

Here’s the question I get asked most often when people learn that I write this blog: “So how can I become rich?” Here’s the answer: “Do what you already know.” That’s the secret. Your already know everything you need to … Continue reading

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12 Days Of Christmas Cost $18,920 In 2006

While the cost of the 12 Days of Christmas rose 6% last year due to increased oil and gold prices as well as fears of the avian bird flu, they rose just 3.1% this year due to other factors: the … Continue reading

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Personal Finance Video Log

Not that I need another project, but I have started up a personal finance vlog which will add to our ever growing list of satellite websites. I have been finding quite a bit of informative and entertaining videos that I … Continue reading

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Five Investments Everyone Should Make

This will not be the typical list of investments you probably would think you’d find on a personal finance blog, but it gets really boring reading personal finance advice when it’s the same everywhere that you go. That’s not necessarily … Continue reading

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Double The Worth Of Your Money – Save Before You Earn

Here is a simple question to ask yourself. If you were given the choice of earning an extra $115 a month or painlessly saving $100 a month, which would you choose? While the $115 more a month may appear to … Continue reading

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$100,000 In Home Videos

I just noticed that is what the top 10 earners at metacafe have earned together for placing their videos online with a single video (Reel Stunts) having earned over $24,000. While some of the people that are earning money obviously … Continue reading

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Paid To Surf Is Back – Proceed With Caution

I’ve been receiving emails and instant messages all day about the return of AllAdvantage in a updated form under the name AGLOCO (A Global Community). If you were on the Internet in the late 1990s and trying to figure out … Continue reading

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Light To Unite – Light A Virtual Candle To Donate $1

The third annual “Light to Unite” drive is going on to support AIDS research. By simply going to and lighting a virtual candle, Bristol-Myers Squibb will donate $1 (up to $100,000) to the National AIDS Fund. There is nothing … Continue reading

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Meeting A Major Goal

Some great news. Nate gave his notice at his current job and will definitely be working full time on the sites and blog beginning in January 2007. I am extremely excited because this has been our goal since we started … Continue reading

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How To Save Money On PS3 & Wii – Lifetime Financial Lessons

I’ve been watching the news, the long lines and what people are spending on the secondary market for PlayStation 3 and Wii gaming systems and I wonder how people so intelligent can be so financially stupid when it comes to … Continue reading

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The Fireplace Myth – Why Fires Can Cost You Hundreds

With winter upon us, the thought of a warm, crackling fire in the fireplace is probably a quite appealing image to a lot of you. What you probably don’t realize is that your fire will cost you a lot more … Continue reading

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Idea Wins – Small Business Start Up Contest

I’ve always been a big supporter of people taking their ideas and turning them into a part-time business. For everyone out there that thinks they have a great idea, but have been afraid to act upon it for whatever reason, … Continue reading

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Save $100 By Simply Turning Off Your Computer

Running your computer is pretty darn cheap when viewed at an hourly rate – approximately $0.02 an hour. This figure was obtained with the following assumptions: The typical desktop computer uses around 200 watts of energy per hour (with a … Continue reading

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Simple Ways to Avoid Bounced Checks

There are numerous names for them. While widely known as a bounced check they are also referred to as a bad check, a bogus check, bouncing paper, an insufficient fund check, a kited check, an OD, an overdraft, an overdrawn … Continue reading

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Credit Card Destruction!

If you have ever been in credit card debt and that magical day comes when all the debt has been paid off, using scissors to cut up the credit cards can be a little anti-climatic. You don’t want to leave … Continue reading

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10 Easy & Pain Free Ways To Save $100

Everyone wants to save money, but not if saving that money means they must give up something they like. The fact is, there is likely over $1000 worth of pain free savings right under your nose waiting to be taken … Continue reading

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50 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

I started making this list a while back when others were making them and never got around to finishing it. Nate was doing some work on the blog and saw it saved and said that I should finish it. I … Continue reading

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$1.6 Billion Down The Drain

That is what Consumer Reports is saying people will waste on extended warranties for various electronics and appliances this holiday season. I have said in the past that in most cases, extended warranties are not worth it. The reason that … Continue reading

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ReStore Home Improvement Stores

If you are planning a home improvement project in the near future, here id a huge money saving tip you may be able to utilize. Even with the ever expanding reach of large discount home improvement stores over the last … Continue reading

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