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The 1460% Loan

When it comes to personal finance, there is usually a great deal of discussion on the high rates of interest charged by credit card companies. What credit card companies charge, however, does not come close to what the payday loan … Continue reading

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Passive Income

I received this email yesterday asking me the following question: I would like to start blogging to create passive income. How do you go about doing that? I think there is a big misconception about passive income and blogging (or … Continue reading

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Save & Make Money With Best Buy Bucks

If you are planning on making a big purchase at Best Buy, you can get a significant discount on that purchase by playing the McDonald’s Monopoly game and getting Best Buy Bucks. There is no need to buy McDonald’s food … Continue reading

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Plane Over Bill Gates Home

I was fooling around looking at photos at local live when I came across this quite interesting photo which actually caught a small plane flying over Bill Gate’s house (click on the photo to enlarge): 1. Points to Bill Gates … Continue reading

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Why People Refuse Free Money

For those that have an interest in why we make the financial decisions that we do, an interesting article on neuro-economics was recently published in the TimesOnline that is definitely worth a read: Imagine that you are sitting next to … Continue reading

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1 Week Left For Tax Procrastinators

If you’re one of the 9.6 million people that filed an extension for filing your taxes and have been procrastinating, you have a week before they absolutely have to be turned in. Monday October 16 is the deadline for all … Continue reading

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20 Fruits & Veggies You Want To Buy Organic

One of the difficult decisions when trying to save money is whether or not to buy organic since organic foods still tend to be more expensive than non organic foods. One way to balance the need to save money and … Continue reading

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When You Forget To Pay Your Bills

A bit of humor for the weekend in a clever Thai bank commercial of what horrors can happen if you forget to pay your bills…

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New Info On Compulsive Shopping Disorder

There is a new study out of Stanford University that has basically turned the assumption of compulsive shopping disorder (also called compulsive buying disorder and Oniomania) on its head. It was assumed that this was a disorder mainly afflicting women, … Continue reading

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Easiest Way To Fold A T-Shirt

For those looking for the easiest way to fold a t-shirt perfectly every time, here it is. If I can do this, absolutely anyone can. My wife taught me this (she’s from Japan) when she got tired of my folded … Continue reading

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10 Hidden Costs People Fail to Consider

I mentioned in the previous article that I am always on the search for hidden fees since these are the ones that come back to bite people’s budget because the true cost usually was never considered. There are a surprising … Continue reading

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Hidden Cost – Bad Roads

I’ve mentioned on several ocassions that I’m always on the outlook for hidden costs because these are expenses that most people never realize are costing them money. USAToday has a new one that makes perfect sense, but which I hadn’t … Continue reading

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September 2006 Goals Review

It certainly was an interesting month with both good and bad news. The bad news was that our adsense revenue fell dramatically this month to a tune of over $15 a day. Ouch! I think this is the first time … Continue reading

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ING Disappointment

Most people know that if you sign up through a friend’s referral you can receive a $25 bonus when making an initial deposit of $250 when opening a new ING account. Both Nate and I used our invites up long … Continue reading

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