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Money Photo Day 6

If you look at the sign on the top of this gas pump, you’ll see that it reads “…your bank may put a hold on funds up to $100 per transaction for three days no matter what the purchase amount.” … Continue reading

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Is It Possible To Drive Slow?

One of the tips you hear time and again in order to save gas (and which I have given) is to reduce your speed to 55 miles per hour when driving. This will save you about 20% on fuel consumption … Continue reading

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Money Photo Day 5

On this trip to Canada, I wasn’t sure where I was going to be staying the first night. That meant that it was impossible for me to make hotel reservations ahead of time and get any discount connected with that. … Continue reading

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Off To Canada

I’m off to Canada for a week – by car. My sister and her family are moving to Victoria on Vancouver Island for her husband’s new job and they have enlisted me to drive their car up to Canada for … Continue reading

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Money Photo Day 4

My sister asked me to help her out today by picking up her husband’s car and driving it down to my mom’s place. In doing so, I hit evening commute traffic that made the trip agonizingly slow (sure glad I … Continue reading

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Getting Out Of A Speeding Ticket

I’ve seen this subject come up on more than one occassion on the best way to get out of a speeding ticket. While I don’t have any direct experience in this area, I know that a speeding ticket can cost … Continue reading

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Money Photo Day 3

I had to send a couple of packages off today and took a walk to the local post office. I like using the stamp machines there because it’s a good way to get rid of extra change without incurring a … Continue reading

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Nobel Peace Prize, Poverty and Us

I’m surprised that I haven’t seen more pfbloggers write something about this, so I’ll go ahead and give my observations. It was fantastic to see that the Nobel Peace Prize winner (Muhammad Yunus ) this year went to someone who … Continue reading

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Money Photo Day 2

I bet you’re looking at this photo and wondering what the hell it has to do with money. I don’t play golf much, but I do have a friend that invites me to play from time to time which he … Continue reading

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Carmen Electra Credit Card

If you were looking for signs that the financial world was coming to an end, it would be things like this that would give you pause. I guess I should have seen it coming – credit card companies have been … Continue reading

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Money Photo Day 1

I was thinking the other day about how money affects our daily lives and decided that I will begin recording some of the ways I see money on a daily basis. I picked up my dad and his wife from … Continue reading

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Penny Worth More Than 1 Cent

It was a few months ago when copper prices rose to the point that the pre-1982 pennies that were made out of 95% copper had a copper content value of more than 1 cent. This week zinc prices reached $1.80 … Continue reading

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What Personal Finance Blogs Are Worth

I was fooling around with the new Text Link Ads Calculator (we do not use Text Link Ads on this blog, but do use them on some of our other sites) and realized that this gives a peak into the … Continue reading

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Save 50% On Gym Memberships

I had lunch with a friend this afternoon and as we were talking, he starting going on about how expensive his gym membership was. I explained to him that there were a lot of opportunities to exercise for free, but … Continue reading

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Stupid I-Bond Advice

I came across this personal finance article today in the Philadelphia Inquirer today that gives the following advice regarding I-Bonds: Thinking of buying inflation-adjusted U.S. savings bonds? Then gather your cash quickly. Chances are, you’ll get a better deal with … Continue reading

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Dryer Tips

I placed up a new satellite site this weekend which was one of those that just happened to fall into place. I was going through saving tips on the main site for another project I’ve been working on and realized … Continue reading

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Halloween Candy Trap

I’m sure that I’m not the only one that finds themselves in the Halloween candy trap this time of the year. It’s impossible to walk into the grocery store (or any other retail store for that matter) and not see … Continue reading

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Why Bottle Water Is A Waste Of Money Video

One of the subjects I’ve written about in the past is what a waste of money bottle water is. I came across this video that highlights how many of us have accepted what the advertisers say about bottled water so … Continue reading

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Creating A Will

Most people don’t like to think about death and for that reason many more people don’t take the necessary legal steps that they should to ensure their wishes are carried out when they die. Furthermore, not taking the proper legal … Continue reading

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Not Your Typical Retirement Plan

People do get creative when it comes to figuring out how they are going to survive during retirement, including this jail before Social Security kicks in plan. Placing yourself in jail for 3 years until your Social Security checks begin … Continue reading

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