How Do Your Finances Compare To Steve Wozniak’s?

Steve WozniakIt’s not often that you get a peak into the daily finances of the rich and famous, but there was an interview with Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple computer with Steve Jobs) in a British publication that focused on his daily money habits. Here is how my finances compare to his:

Amount of cash we carry:

Wozniak: $20,000
me: $200

Credit card we carry:

Wozniak: Super exclusive American Express Black card
me: Typical airline reward card

Saver or a spender:

Wozniak: spender
me: hmmm, tough, but lean toward saver

How much earn last year:

Wozniak: Doesn’t know- “you’d have to ask my accountant.”
me: Does know and doesn’t have an accountant

The most lucrative


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3 Responses to How Do Your Finances Compare To Steve Wozniak’s?

  1. reallykool says:

    Amount of cash we carry: $0 – $100

    Credit card we carry: amex costco rebate

    Saver or a spender: saver

    How much earn last year:i’ll know when i get around to doing my taxes.

    The most lucrative work you have ever done: spent 30 mins giving an investment seminar. i didn’t get paid, but i got tons of exposure, numerous free dinners, a job, and a lot of investment partners out of it!

    Do you invest in stocks: yes but they’re ones with real assets, like mining stocks and oil/gas.

    Manage your own financial affairs: yes, if you call it ‘managing’!

    The most extravagant thing you have ever bought: nothing. conned my wife into not getting an expensive ring. maybe my music system. paid about a $850. or maybe my trip to europe last year at $6,000

  2. tim thomas says:

    This was hilarious. I have much more in common with you than Wozniak too – except I carry maybe $50 in my wallet at any time – enough for a cab I might have to take unexpectedly.

  3. jerry says:

    lol…lets just say a lot less than any of the famous people named steve

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