Beer Calculator & 10 Ways To Save On Beer

This is what happens when me and Nate get together…I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not, but it certainly keeps us entertained. We sit around and talk about ideas we have about the sites while drinking beer. While the conversations range all over the place, tonight we started discussing how much we spend on beer, or more accurately, did we really want to know how much we spend on beer. Of course, once this discussion began we had to figure it out and so Nate put together the Beer Calculator:

While the calculations were fairly straightforward and simple for us, we figured that others would also want to figure out how much they were spending on this amber liquid as well so we placed a few more variables in there. Both of us calculated the damage in triple figures, although that is as far as either of us are willing to admit. Being the financially conscious people we are, we both buy most of out beer outside of drinking establishments which keeps the costs way down. That being said, neither of us goes for the cheap stuff either (we aren’t in college anymore).

Now that you have seen the damage, you may be looking for ways to reduce the amount you pay for all the cold ones you guzzle down. Here are 10 ways to keep the beer flowing while still keeping some green in your wallet:

  • If you have the choice, avoid purchasing your beer in bars and restaurants where they are typically much more expensive.
  • If you are drinking at a bar or restaurant, drink during Happy Hours or during special promotions when beer is cheaper.
  • If you drink a lot of beer and a single brand, purchase it in bulk (by the case).
  • Buy your beer at discount warehouses or other discount stores rather than at retail liquor stores.
  • If you are going to drink at a baseball, football or other sporting event, go a few hours early and drink your own beer at a tailgate party.
  • Consider brewing your own beer
  • If you like expensive beer, make your first two that brand and then switch to a cheaper brand after that since you won’t be able to tell the difference after that.
  • If you aren’t brand loyal, go for the beer on sale or that is discounted.
  • Pour slow and tilt the glass – this will reduce the amount of foam in the cup giving you more beer to drink.
  • In the summer, look for beer that comes with coupons for meat, hot dogs or other BBQ items that are usually purchased with beer during that season. This can save you quite a bit on these items and if you were already planning on purchasing them, reduce your overall BBQ costs.
  • Bonus Tip: Always take a designated driver – if you get pulled over after you have been drinking, you’re going to pay a lot of money for the ticket, for a lawyer and for increased auto insurance.
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    20 Responses to Beer Calculator & 10 Ways To Save On Beer

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    3. ~Dawn says:

      HAha! That’s great, you guys should get together more often… great stuff, AND you through in some good tips

    4. Yikes! Do I really need to drink that much beer!

      Great calculator – Frightening to see the annual cost of the amber nectar.

      Hmmm..Giving up beer…Naaa….

      Tip for drinking beer for cheap in Vegas.

      Go to the bar.

      Place $20 in the video poker machine

      Ask for a beer

      Tip the bartender a buck

      Play very slowly (for quarters) on the video poker machine

      Then be very careful as you make your way out of the hotel as you will be completely loaded and playing the games for real money is a dangerous prospect at this point 🙂

    5. mbhunter says:

      A friend of mine brews his own. There’s a learning curve, and when you get it right you basically get better beer for a good beer price.

      (There are only two kinds of beer — good beer, and better beer! 😉 )

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    7. Simon says:

      “If you like expensive beer, make your first two that brand and then switch to a cheaper brand after that since you won’t be able to tell the difference after that.” I’m sorry, but that is just so much BS. Sure, Pabst tastes better when you’re drunk, but to say that the difference between good beer and bad beer disappears after a few is incorrect, and damned irresponsible. It’s that kind of thinking that keeps the malted rice industry in business.

    8. pfadvice says:

      I said switch to a cheaper brand, not the cheapest 😉

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    13. Cool calulator.. im actually doing around $547 a year which isnt bad.. I drink maybe 1 beer a day at $9 for 6.. not to shabby.. but this is a wake up call.. i will be cutting back..

    14. Beer Money Saving Tips for College Students says:

      I’m drinking myself into the poor house. $2500 per year on beer and I don’t even have a job. Oh well, I guess itll just go on the credit cards.

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    16. John says:

      Don’t know if this was mentioned,buy the 40 oz. bottles. At least in my town, it goes for about $2 / bottle.
      Buy just when you want to “have a couple” as opposed to buying buy the case, which is far too easy to over-consume, as .. “hey, I still have a 12 pack in the kitchen”
      Budweiser / Miller Lite are my usual brands of choice, as I can slam a couple
      of 40’s without any type of hangover the next day. the light beer is better for casual middle of the week drinking… less “stuff” in it to give you a hangover. Stay away from heavier Malt Liquors, Icehouse, Steel Reserve, and brands like that for CASUAL consumption. An occasion is something else… Then price / type is no object. Cheers.

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    18. Jack Mandeville says:

      Great website!

      “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”- Ben Franklin

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