Cheap Sleeps – Money Photo Day 11

Staying at my sister's house

One of the most expensive aspects to travel these days is the cost of accommodations. During my recent trip to Victoria, I didn’t spend a dime since I stayed with my sister in their new house (pictured above). As I write this I’m staying with Nate at his apartment in Seattle. During the entire 10 day trip I will have paid for a single night at a hotel, and that was a cheap, get some quick sleep so I could keep driving stay.

I find that staying with friends when traveling is by far the best way to go – not only for saving money, but for getting a true feel of the places you visit. Those that live there know so much more that you are likely to find on the tourist tours. When people visited us in Japan, we always tried to give them a view they would have never seen on their own and I always come away feeling I have had a better travel experience when staying with friends as opposed to hotels in the area.

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