Money Photo Day 6

debit card at the gas pump

If you look at the sign on the top of this gas pump, you’ll see that it reads “…your bank may put a hold on funds up to $100 per transaction for three days no matter what the purchase amount.” When I saw this, it reminded me of a nightmare a friend had with this. He was in the middle of nowhere and needed gas – for some reason the pump wasn’t working correctly and it would stop after putting in only a small amount of gas forcing him to start the process all over again. He ended up getting in a bit over $2 of gas in 5 tries when the debit card would no longer work. He ended up having to scrape around the glove compartment and trunk for loose change to get


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  1. empty spaces says:

    yeah, i either pay by Credit card or cash.
    i never use my atm for anything other than withdrawing money or depositing cash!

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