$2 Million In Hidden Jewels – Secrets Of The Alchemist Dar

Secrets Of The Alchemist DarMichael Stadther is at it again. In 2004 he released a book titled A Treasure’s Trove that had clues hidden within the pages and anyone who could decipher them would find 12 18-karat in gold tokens hidden throughout the continental United States (which could be redeemed for one-of-a kind jewels of the characters in the book for a total value of over $1 million). It took until February 2006 for the original 12 gold tokens and a 13th and 14th token to all be found by readers.

This time around the book is called Secrets Of The Alchemist Dar with the pages containing clues which when solved could get the reader one of one hundred jeweled rings with a total value of more than $2 million. Th


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4 Responses to $2 Million In Hidden Jewels – Secrets Of The Alchemist Dar

  1. Jeff says:

    that’s a pretty cool idea!

  2. someone here http://dimeed.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=60

    asked “Just out of curiosity, do you have to visit the place or can you send in your guess? If you have to visit it you could have fun traveling but use up more than the thing was worth and still be wrong!”

    Do you know?

  3. Swarovski says:

    What a great idea. What would also make a good book is the follow up to the last one on the story’s of how the people used the clues to find the hidden treasure.

  4. Leda says:

    what has happened to the website? did i buy a book in vain? i am so stumped.

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