Money Photo Day 5

discount hotels

On this trip to Canada, I wasn’t sure where I was going to be staying the first night. That meant that it was impossible for me to make hotel reservations ahead of time and get any discount connected with that. When I travel like this, I simply want a clean hotel room off the highway – all I use them for is a place to sleep before I get up and begin driving again.

A simple way to get a discount on hotels like this is to stop by any information center in the state where you’re driving – they will have a lot of different magazines like the ones pictured above. Inside they are filled with discount coupons for hotels in the state (usually 20% – 40% off). I used one of the coupons for my stay last night reducing the cost by 40%. A simple, no hassle way to get a hotel discount when you aren’t sure where you will be staying or are in a hurry with no time to plan before going…

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