Money Photo Day 2

golf balls

I bet you’re looking at this photo and wondering what the hell it has to do with money. I don’t play golf much, but I do have a friend that invites me to play from time to time which he has done for this week. Since I don’t play a whole lot, I’m not the greatest when it comes to this sport and that means that I’ll lose a ball or two. Even though I know this will occur, I’ve never had to pay for a golf ball in my life.

My dad lives on a golf course, so when I know I will be playing, I make a trip over there and do a quick search through the bushes in his back yard. This photo shows the balls I found in his yard saving me the cost of having to buy new golf balls…

Of course this money saving method doesn’t work so well for him. Although he gets an unlimited supply of golf balls, there are occasions that they decide to hit a window instead of the yard. That means the golf balls he uses come with a price and tend to be a bit expensive when the “broken window” factor is taken into consideration.

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  1. fern says:

    Wow. i would be pretty upset if someone’s golf ball broke my window, especially if it happened more than once. Even if it’s not possible to identify whose ball broke the window, i would complain to golf course.

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