What Personal Finance Blogs Are Worth

calculatorI was fooling around with the new Text Link Ads Calculator (we do not use Text Link Ads on this blog, but do use them on some of our other sites) and realized that this gives a peak into the value of personal finance bloggers sites in comparison with others. While the actual numbers given by the calculator for the worth of a link need to be taken with a grain of salt, it compares all the personal finance sites with the same standards to give a value where the perceived value of the blog can be compared to others. Here are some of the more popular personal finance blogs that I found that the calculator gave with a worth over $100 (I used “finance” as the category, “1”


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4 Responses to What Personal Finance Blogs Are Worth

  1. Ralph says:

    My site comes in at $11 – so pfblogs can’t mean me with his “it seems like most people are trying to make a quick buck rather than developing content first” comment :0

  2. Cap says:

    haha, never thought to input sites like money and msn. the picture of Borg Gates is awesome.

  3. thatedeguy says:

    Interesting. I had never thought of using it that way, but I suppose it makes a good comparison. Using the same settings you did, I came in at $114. Not bad, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Gates next time I do. 😉

  4. Him says:

    Awesome analysis. We come in at $95.

    I also never thought to do the big sites. Funny stuff.

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