Penny Worth More Than 1 Cent

penniesIt was a few months ago when copper prices rose to the point that the pre-1982 pennies that were made out of 95% copper had a copper content value of more than 1 cent. This week zinc prices reached $1.80 per pound mark (what pennies are made out of today) which means if you melt the zinc in a penny, it has a value of $0.0101867. Pre-1982 copper pennies have a value close to 2 cents. That means all the pennies in your piggy bank (with the exception of the steel pennies made during World War 2) have a metal value greater than their denomination.

Maybe instead of placing those pennies into the bank, you should consider melting them down…

Hat tip: CoinFlation

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  1. Tom Anderson says:

    I need to know the price of old pennies!

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