Halloween Candy Trap

black catI’m sure that I’m not the only one that finds themselves in the Halloween candy trap this time of the year. It’s impossible to walk into the grocery store (or any other retail store for that matter) and not see huge amounts of candy on sale for Halloween. I have to use extreme self control not to purchase this candy until a couple of days before the holiday (this is the first time in years that I’ve had to deal with this because Halloween is not celebrated in Japan). If I buy the candy now, I know I will eat part of it before Halloween arrives and likely have to go and buy some more. So far I’ve been able to hold out.

The one area I still haven’t mastered is buying the correct amount of candy for this holiday. I always buy far more than I need (who wants to be a Grinch on Halloween and not have enough candy for the kids that come by?) Anyone have a good method on estimating this so that I won’t end up with a lot of extra candy? Or a good way to get rid of Halloween candy so I don’t end up eating it all myself?

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    1. We’re known as “The Popcorn House” because we give out Halloween-themed individual sized bags of microwave popcorn. It’s healthier – not by much, since it’s buttered, but hey, it’s still Halloween, right? And I take the leftovers to work – my coworkers are grateful for a quick snack. You can always dump any leftover candy on coworkers as well. You might also try donating anything you have left over to a day care or library or school. Call ahead before going, though, to make sure they’re allowed to accept it.

    2. So glad I am not the only one who falls into this trap!!!

      I finally learned my lesson I think, actually I have just avoided the asiles all together .. We will buy our big jumbo bad the week befre and hide it.

      As for estimating, nope, not even if you live in the area awhile, we had one year with practically no one, one year with tons, another in the middle..honestly I totally understand people who just leave home to avoid the hassle! But you could try asking your neighbor…

      If you run out, turn the porch light off. and hide 🙂

      If you have tons and it is nearing your bedtime, start being the most generous dude on the block! (hand over a whole bag to a family or something)

      After halloween, try giving it away to kidless candy people..or your favorite buisness..or to a baker…you might get an even better baked treat back 🙂

    3. Leftover candy can also be donated to a homeless shleter, battered woman’s shelter, maybe even a school. But yes, call ahead and ask.

      One year I gave out cans of soda instead of candy! I had stocked up when cases were on sale really cheap, so it worked out to about .10 a can. The kids LOVED it because it made their bag seem heavy and full right away!

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