Why Bottle Water Is A Waste Of Money Video

One of the subjects I’ve written about in the past is what a waste of money bottle water is. I came across this video that highlights how many of us have accepted what the advertisers say about bottled water so that many now assume that bottled water is better than tap water when in reality most people can’t tell the difference.

Warning: This video contains adult language. If you are willing to ignore this, however, it gives some good information on why bottled water is such a rip-off including taste tests where people couldn’t taste the difference:

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8 Responses to Why Bottle Water Is A Waste Of Money Video

  1. samerwriter says:

    My wife drinks a fair amount of bottled water. Perhaps 24 16 oz. bottles per week (we buy them at Costco for $3 for 24).

    It’s not because she thinks it’s safer, but because it’s convenient. Grabbing a bottle on the way out the door is easy, and healthier (and cheaper) than grabbing a Coke.

    I also keep several cases of bottled water in the basement (about 50 liters worth, or so). We’re on a well, and a prolonged power outage can cause some grief. For us, bottled water is a cheap insurance policy.

    But otherwise, our tap water tastes great.

  2. jersey jen says:

    so what do you suggest i should drink? i like drinking milk, but it’s ($3/gal) getting more expensive than gasoline ($2/gal)!

  3. ~Dawn says:

    Samerwriter – why not fill those empty bottles with tap water and stop buying as much bottled water and save some money?

  4. Jersey..how about tap water..or if you do live in a house with off tap water..try filters yourself..still cheaper. (my house has high clorine..so I take filter)

    Also for travel try watered down juice..nice treat.

    Samewriter..convenience is a very expensive luxury……

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  6. Cindy says:

    Thanks for the info, what a hoot. I always did think it was baloney to have to buy water this way. I say fill your own bottle at home and take it with you.

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  8. Candee says:

    The video is priceless. Never have used bottled water; never will. I’ve been drinking tap water (all over the world) for over 40 years. I’m still alive and none the worse for wear. Never had a sick day because of water either. BTW, not only does drinking tap water save hundreds if not thousands of dollars (depending on consumption) but it keeps the bottles out of the landfill as well helping to save our environment.

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