Creating A Will

Most people don’t like to think about death and for that reason many more people don’t take the necessary legal steps that they should to ensure their wishes are carried out when they die. Furthermore, not taking the proper legal steps will mean that you pass along a lot more headaches to the ones that you love when they are grieving and a lot less money to them due to the extra expenses involved when a will hasn’t been made. If you have determined to get your finances in order for yourself here and now and are taking the steps to save money for yourself, do you really want to give a large chunk of it back to the government because you didn’t take the time to prepare


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3 Responses to Creating A Will

  1. Super Saver says:

    Good post. Another option which is more versatile is a revocable living trust. Has the elements of a will and the addtional aspects of estate planning and “power of attorneys.”

  2. contrary1 says:

    I’d second the vote for the Living Trust. My parents had one and when Dad died the trust had already handled the details. Pretty amazing document. It automatically transferred to moms name at dads death, and it will automatically transfer to mine when my mom dies.
    Ours has a provision for health care also, which covers last wishes in the event someone is unable to make decisions for themselves.
    Just a note if you have one of these……….don’t forget to continue to add new purchases to the document.

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