Save & Make Money With Best Buy Bucks

If you are planning on making a big purchase at Best Buy, you can get a significant discount on that purchase by playing the McDonald’s Monopoly game and getting Best Buy Bucks. There is no need to buy McDonald’s food to do so. There is a good article on how to do this and what you can expect to receive for your effort at and here are the official rules

What this doesn’t talk about is the potential to make money. As with most of these games, there are a lot of people that want a discount, but don’t want to take the time to do all the leg work. This has resulted in a strong second hand sales market of the Best Buy Bucks on eBay. There are a lot of people that are getting the Best Buy Bucks by mailing in requests and then simply selling them once they are received.

There are some risks involved with this strategy in that the cost is approximately $79 and in the worst case scenario you might only receive $100 in Best Buy Bucks. Depending on what you actually sell them for an eBay and paypal fees, it is possible to lose money although not much.

While this is the typical way to work the system, there are those that are a bit more bold and are receiving the return for being so. I ran into yet another one of those creative people that have figured out how to make a good deal of money legally working the system. I met a guy the other day at my local McDonald’s working on his computer with a small sign he made on the table saying “I need your unwanted game pieces.”

When I saw this, I of course had to talk to him about it. He’s a student so he simply does his homework there and collects game pieces people don’t want as he does so. Since a lot of people simply throw away their game pieces, many of them leave their game pieces with him when they leave. He said he has been getting between 100 – 300 a day for free and has already made close to $1000 profit which he said helps pay for his college expenses. Best of all, it pays better than minimum wage, doesn’t take any time away from his studies and it’s a lot easier than getting a real part-time job. I think he will do well in business once he graduates…

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  1. edmund says:

    I am impressed that that McDonalds didn’t tell the college student to move on … Thats pretty funny 🙂

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