20 Fruits & Veggies You Want To Buy Organic

organic fruits and vegetablesOne of the difficult decisions when trying to save money is whether or not to buy organic since organic foods still tend to be more expensive than non organic foods. One way to balance the need to save money and place healthy food on your table is to know which non organic foods have the greatest amount of pesticides on them. This allows you to purchase organic fruits and vegetables of those types that tend to carry the most pesticide while purchasing non organic foods that are less harmful to you.

Here are the top 20 fruits and vegetables where pesticides are detected:

1. Nectarines: 97.3%
2. Peaches: 96.6%
3. Celery: 94.1%
4. Cherries: 91.4%
5. apples: 92.1%
5. Strawberries: 92.1%
7. Pear...

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  1. the fractal brothers says:

    The whole “organic” thing is just a big hyped up marketing scheme. Just like margerine, just like artificial sweeteners.
    have a read –

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