Hidden Cost – Bad Roads

I’ve mentioned on several ocassions that I’m always on the outlook for hidden costs because these are expenses that most people never realize are costing them money. USAToday has a new one that makes perfect sense, but which I hadn’t really thought about before seeing it – bad roads cost you money:

Crumbling roads and highways in the nation’s metropolitan areas are imposing a “hidden tax” on motorists by increasing costs to maintain their vehicles, according to a survey released today.

Twenty-six percent of the USA’s major urban and suburban roads have substandard pavement that provides an unacceptably rough ride to motorists, according to TRIP


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2 Responses to Hidden Cost – Bad Roads

  1. davis says:

    My commute is horrendous and there is one section where the road is really bad. I’m surprised people don’t blow tires everyday going by there.

  2. The Fractal Brothers says:

    sounds like new mexico.

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