September 2006 Goals Review

It certainly was an interesting month with both good and bad news. The bad news was that our adsense revenue fell dramatically this month to a tune of over $15 a day. Ouch! I think this is the first time that adsense daily average revenue has fallen for us and I’m not exactly sure what caused it. I will be going through the stats to see if I can find an obvious reason that can be corrected, but it might have been that August was just a tremendous month and the September numbers are more realistic (I hope not…).

On the positive side, the latest page rank update treated us well. The main site went to 7 which was a long term goal for Nate and I and it feels good to have finally reac


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4 Responses to September 2006 Goals Review

  1. Jannice Eng says:

    Where do you find the time to do all these things?

  2. liz says:

    Are you doing this full time or do you have another job?

  3. SteveL says:

    You guys are doing great. Keep up the hard work. You goals are aggressive as mine, but your execution is much better.

  4. Retireyoung says:

    That is quite a drop. I wonder what is happening here. My adsense has been fairly stable. Congrats on the PR7, you will be able to sell your links for more!

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