ING Disappointment

Most people know that if you sign up through a friend’s referral you can receive a $25 bonus when making an initial deposit of $250 when opening a new ING account. Both Nate and I used our invites up long ago, as well as going through all our family member’s invites, so when I received a letter from ING in the mail today saying that I had new invites, I was quite happy. The letter said:

So pass these certificates out today, or you can login to your account to send referrals online if you’d like.

I immediately went to my account hoping that they had refurbished the 25 invites I had, or at least added a couple of more to my account. There was nothing there.

I called ING and asked and the person who answered said,

The letter wasn’t worded well. I think they assumed that nobody had converted all the invites, so there would be invites there to send if you logged in…

I did confirm that I can use the two certificates that were sent to me and if converted, they will give the user $25 and me the bonus. What I’d like to do is an experiment if somebody hasn’t signed up with ING yet – using a reference code with an invite and see what happens (nothing, $25 is deposited into the account or $50 is deposited into the account as well as if both people receive the bonus) If anyone wants to try this, send me an email

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3 Responses to ING Disappointment

  1. Steve Torso says:

    That is a great marketing strategy for generating new business! I wish they had this strategy in Australia.

  2. rhonda says:

    I have plenty of ING invites if you need extra ones.

  3. The Fractal Brothers says:

    I remember when I got in, it didn’t require the $250 deposit.. it was much easier to get people to join before that. I’m about to switch to HSBC anyway, they have a better interest rate.

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