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cut tech billsWelcome to all those who made it here by way of Forbes. Dan Frommer put together a nice piece over at Forbes called Cut Your Tech Bills where he quoted me and mentioned a few of the posts that I’ve made here on cutting Cable TV costs. For those of you searching for them, you can read them here:

  • Call and Save
  • Save 50% Off Your Cable TV Bill

    The call and save strategy can work for just about any service that you have where there is competition in your area, as well as with Credit Card Interest Rates. It’s well worth keeping your eyes open for competing offers and using them to negotiate better deals on the services that you pay for.

    For those looking for more personal finance an

  • ...

    [Continue Reading at SavingAdvice.com]

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    7 Responses to Welcome Forbes Readers

    1. Iconic Point says:

      This is very funny I saw this advice months ago on a cable forum tried and it worked. Glad to see you got your credit.

    2. Mike says:

      This is a nice mention, but for some reason they didn’t acutally provide a clickable html link to your site.

    3. pfadvice says:

      Yes, unfortunately more of the bigger magazines aren’t providing direct links anymore. The article was picked up by MSNBC too, but again without the clickable link.

    4. LOOPY says:

      Thanks for that cable thing. I got them to drop my bill by 10 bucks per month.

      That is 120 per year. yay!


    5. rhonda says:

      I found your blog through this article. I’m glad to have found a new financial resource

    6. Roger says:

      It’s always good to get mentions in the media. Congratulations.

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