$110 To Move Fast Through Airport Security

airplaneThe Transportation Security Administration has announced they plan to lower the price from $200 to $110 a year the cost of getting fast-tracked through airport security. The reduction comes after companies argued the $200 fee was too high and “could deter millions of people and some airports from signing up for the Registered Traveler program.”

While I travel more than the average person, I certainly don’t travel as much as those who do it for business, but is it worth $110 for most people to get fast tracked through security? I probably travel by plane 6 times a year and even with the new screening methods, I haven’t had to spend a whole lot of time waiting (except t


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2 Responses to $110 To Move Fast Through Airport Security

  1. davis says:

    I will probably sign up for this because I travel several times a month. If it even means saving 30 minutes every time I go to the airport, it will be worth it to me, but I can see how it wouldn’t be for most people.

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