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Shop Smart MagazineOnly from Consumer Reports would you find a shopping magazine that has no advertisements in it (No Hype + No Ads + Just Great Buys). In fact, as Editor Lisa Lee Freeman says in her column, “To put it bluntly, we blow our money on all kinds of crappy products so you don’t have to.” Now that is what I call a consumer friendly magazine.

The name of this new quarterly magazine is “ShopSmart” and is produced by Consumer Reports. In fact, if you already subscribe to Consumer Reports, you will have already seen most of the information in it, although displayed in a somewhat different manner. If you don’t, then you will find it full of insightful and consumer friendly information that will help you save money and purchase quality products.

The first issue is currently on newsstands for $4.99.

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6 Responses to Shop Smart Magazine

  1. Susan Carroll says:

    I read your choices for Cutlery, it amazes me that none were American made.
    We have fine cutlery in America and you can buy the whole set for less than “$300” (not just 3 pieces)!

    Rada Cutlery has been in Iowa for over 50 years and I know people who still have theirs after 30 years. Lifetime guarentee.

    Is’nt it time people start bragging about our craftmanship in the USA?

  2. Nancy Rosales says:

    I don’t have a subscription to consumer reports magazine, but I picked up Shopsmart at the grocery store one day, and I absolutely loved it!! It had so much valuable and useful information on different kinds of products. I was wondering when the next one will be out, and if it is possible to subscribe to Shopsmart. Please let me know ASAP!


  3. Bonnie Deibel says:

    I just purchased your “ShopSmart” Magazine & really like it! I would like to be able to subscribe to this exact magazine, from the editors of Consumer Reports. Do you offer subscriptions to “ShopSmart”? If so, I want to subscribe to it! Thanks, Bonnie Deibel

  4. Nicole says:

    I cannot find any information to subscribe to ShopSmart. Can anyone help? Thanks!

  5. margie james says:

    Love the ShopSmart magazine – I also would like to subscribe – any news yet on how to do this? thanks margie

  6. I second the recommendation of Rada knives. They are excellent quality, and as Susan noted, American-made. I hope ShopSmart reviews them.

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