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car insurance  - auto insuranceThis is a first for us and I would be interested in anyone’s opinion on what they would do in this situation. I had a lot of good content on saving money on car insurance and have been looking for a good domain name for it for quite a while. The problem is that the car insurance industry and website on it are extremely competitive and I was having no luck finding any that I was satisfied with.

I was reading about crossover suv’s (suv’s have a truck frame whereas crossover’s are built on a car frame) and although this is still very much a niche market, figured the name crossover may become more popular in the future. I therefore bought Crossover Car Insurance and Crossover Auto Insurance because I wasn’t sure which of them was a better name. While I have plenty of information to make two complete sites without the two overlapping, it would probably be better if all the information was accessible from a single site. I’ve started building the two sites with unique information for both. The question is what do I do for the future?

  • Do I build two different sites keeping content exclusive and different for both?
  • Do I build two different sites eventually having the same information on both of them, but have the information written differently?
  • Do I choose one site to build and sell the other domain?
  • Any other options I have forgotten to consider?

    The sites contain basic, but solid information on how you can reduce the cost of your car insurance. Although I have a list of things that may reduce your car insurance on my main site, I have expanded the them by offering more detail on how to claim these discounts. I have about 20 more to add which would mean 30 for a single site if I combine them or 15 for each site if I split them and keep the content separate.

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    6 Responses to Car Insurance – New Satellite Sites

    1. poundwise says:

      Why not develop one, say Crossover Auto Insurance, but keep the other domain as well, pointing it to the first?

    2. pfadvice says:

      I considered doing this, but auto insurance domains are truly hard to find. I don’t think that pointing it would generate any traffic at all – it’s not a term that people would likely enter into a search engine. Since it was so hard to find them, I’m not willing to just dump the name either. Thus having to decide among the choices above.

    3. What would be the benefit of having two sites instead of just one? Do you think it would give you more overall traffic and therefore more ad revenue?

      And you are right. Having one domain point to the other won’t help you with traffic. I’ve tried it. The secondary domains got no traffic whatsoever.

    4. Foodie: You could sell twice as many text links if you had two sites.

      Jeff: You might think about building them both up for the time being, but in the future you could always onsolidate your content at one site and sell the other domain name (it’ll have PageRank and be out of the sandbox at that point).

    5. pfadvice says:

      Yes, the main benefit of the two sites would be text link ad revenue as fivecentnickel pointed out. Car and car loan sites do quite a bit of advertising so I don’t think it would be too difficult to find advertisers for the sites, but I would ultimately like to have all the information consolidated onto a single site.

      I think I’ll see how they develop since it will take some time to get all the information up there. That should also give me a clue at the worth of the site depending on how much revenue they are able to generate.

    6. Luis says:

      Create 2 websites with those domains, use DIFFERENT content but make sure its insurance or auto related info. Use different IP adresses and host them on different servers. Make sure the contact us information is different but the about us is the same, and also make sure the point towards your main website. This should help your satellite sites to drive more traffic for you

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