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People often ask me how I came to write about personal finances. It kind of fell into my lap, but I get ahead of myself…

I graduated from Colorado College with a degree in Sociology. If you ever want to graduate with a completely worthless degree, choose Sociology. While the actual required readings and courses for the degree itself provided me with little to help me in the world, I did hone my creative skills in the elective classes and this could be said where the foundation for creatively getting what you want within the constraints that exist began.

For example, we had to do a field research project for one of our classes. While most people chose pretty boring topics, I decided th


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5 Responses to About Me

  1. Mike says:

    I like the Hallmark cards story! I love autobiographies and finding out how they got into certain things, especially businesses.

    Here is my own story of how I spent so much time in Japan:


  2. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for the story, it satisfied some of my curiosity :)

  3. thc says:

    I didn’t realize that you lived in Kansas City for awhile. I spent most of my life there and many of our oldest and closest friends are at Hallmark.

  4. jodi says:

    I, too, have a degree in Sociology, but (with my concentration in Human Services) have managed to turn it into a nice state job working with the developmentally disabled. Not sure what I would be doing had this job not fallen into my lap! It seems Soc degrees allow you to work in a wide variety of jobs, but yet there is no set of jobs specific to the field! It was a fairly easy degree, though :)

    Very interesting article – thanks for sharing!

  5. jodi says:

    A question for you – where did you grow up? Colorado?

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